The Company

Consulting Structural Engineers

Mission Statement

The fine line of maintaining the vision of the architect, while providing the most economic solution for the client is the mission of Woods Engineering, PA. We look at every new architectural design as a welcomed challenge. We are committed to finding the optimum solutions through technical ingenuity and our pursuit of excellence. We take pride in building safe communities through responsible structural design and balance.

Woods Engineering

Varied Industries - Consistent Results

Woods Engineering provides structural engineering services for a variety of commercial, institutional, high rise, residential, industrial and specialty projects. Our goal is to achieve an engineering balance of economy and safety while maintaining the artistic intent. We accomplish this with the use of cutting edge technology such as BIM, proven 3D modeling techniques and listening to our clients.

Our History

For over a decade Woods Engineering has been providing structural design services for a large spectrum of projects. The firm was established in 1999 by Owner and President Don Woods and has grown from Don’s dining room to a full time staff of nine in our current office in historic downtown Wilmington, NC.